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Welcome to Hca Healing's website.

I have with great success sent distant healing to many people in different countries around the world.

I have sent remote healing to:


Distances do not matter when I send distant healing

This form of healing can be of great benefit in cases where either illness or distance is an obstacle to being physically present. Remote healing takes place by the client, after a predetermined time, lying down / settling down well and getting ready to receive the healing energy.

Healing takes place as spiritual healing. Ie that the energy supply takes place mentally via the healer and his spiritual helpers. It is not uncommon for the client to feel as if hands are actually being physically placed on the body.

The healing effect of remote healing is as effective as of physical presence. This is because healing is a transfer of energy - energy is moving matter, ie. distances really have no bearing on initiating the healing process.

Remote healing works on adults and children


Remote healing can feel powerful, effective and very beautiful.

Do you suffer from:
Lack of zest for life
Emotions after bullying
sorrow Feeling
Love sorrow
Lack of profits

Do you want:
Balance in the head for the exam
More joy of life
Get up fresh in the morning
Smile for life
Getting home fresh from work
Be happy and have profits all day
Be with other people without getting tired
To become smoke-free
To lose weight

With remote healing you also get:

More energy
More profits
Increased empathy
More joy
Increased joy of life
Increased love

You order a distant healing as follows:
Send an email to and write briefly about what your problem is.

Then I will send you a date and a time (your local time) for your distant healing.

Once the amount is credited to my account, the agreement is final.

Price € 67.13
Please pay in advance by bank transfer to the following account:
Nordea Bank. Registration number .: 2370 Account number .: 6282543018

Best regards 
Jean Claude Kramer
Practicing Healer and Clairvoyant