Distance Healing

More People Are Trying Remote Energy Healing

How does Distance Healing Work?

To explain how distance healing works, you first have to think about how energy is sent and received. A practitioner of Distance Healing is able to channel the energy from themselves to the recipient by focusing light and information on the recipient.

I can explain how Distance Healing works in a more simplistic way. I focus on the person with the help of a photograph, I imagine a bridge going from my third eye (opening up my spiritual part of the brain) to the recipient on the other side of the bridge.

This makes the connection between us and through thought and focus the energy is sent.

My Distance Healing

I have been blessed with being able to help many people with my Distance Healing sessions, particularly during the challenging times when social and physical contact is difficult. The treatments have been able to help my clients deal with stress and anxiety along with depression and even sleep disruption.

One of my client’s kindly contacted me after her Distance Healing treatment to say:

"My husband, Jerry Coyle and I would like to thank you, Jean-Claude ,for an amazing experience.... Since it was late here in California we were both in bed ...I was awake but he seemed to be asleep...I felt a swirling of energy over me...It almost seemed like Jerry was receiving most of it... Drawing it away like a magnet...I felt great the next morning and didn't expect to hear such vivid details of the experience from my husband...

He said he felt great and lighter... "levitated"

He went on to say that he fell into a hypnotic state three times and that he had seen your street with trees and crystals...He asked me for photos from your fb page but didn't recognize the ones I showed him...When you, Jean-Claude sent some photos he , amazingly was able to identify one as the area he saw during the healing...
I just want to tell you how stunned I am that he somehow got all of that...I really thought he was asleep...And he really isn't sure if he was awake either...Thank You so much...

I'm just astonished..."

Glendora, United States

Thank you for my first experience... I wasn't sure how long the healing was...I thought an hour, now I know it was 30 minutes...I got very distracted and hungry after about 45 min. in... Strange because I don't usually feel hunger while meditating... Anyway, I was on the floor with my hands in receiving position and I felt heat coming through my fingers...I had a sensation of hands moving over me, but not touching...The hands turned into an Indian holding a feathered drum...
Later I told my husband of my experience and the hunger...He mentioned Edgar Cayce and thirst...That somehow fits and is my message...It's thirst not hunger !!! Thanks again for your help !
Glendora, United States

Ordering Distance Healing

Write to: hcahealing@gmail.com and attach a pleasing photo of you. Write briefly about your problem that you want me to heal.

Please transfer the amount to my bank before I do the Distant Healing for you.

This is what you scale to use for the transfer:
IBAN: DK3420006282543018


Jean Claude Kramer

Practicing Healer and Clairvoyant

Odense, Denmark