Med over 20 års erfaring i det spirituelle, tør jeg godt kalde mig ekspert i Clairvoyance, Healing og Åndeuddrivelse.


Så mangler du svar på fortid nutid og fremtid, så er du hos mig i trygge hænder.


Har du en svær hverdag med kroniske smerter eller psykiske problemer, så er healing hos mig værd at overveje.


Oplever du at der sker uforklarlige ting i dit hjem, så har du måske besøg fra åndeverdenen.


Du er velkommen til at ringe for en uforpligtende snak med mig, om netop det som fylder i dig.


På snarligt gensyn


Jean-Claude Kramer


To our international visitors


To choose at photo clairvoyance (photometry ) is not to be compared with a personal session, where you sit in the chair in front of us. When you sit in front of us, you have the possibillity to ask elaborating questions and comment on the session as we speak, this is not an opportunity whith a photo clairvoyance.


If it is not possibly for you to come to our home, because you live in a foreign contry or because you are otherweise prohibited, you can chosse a photo clairvoyance with us in Hca-Healing.


For you to get the most out of your photo clairvoyance, we recommend that you send us 4-5 questions previous to the session. Pleace let us know if you want us to elaborate one og the questions, then we will go deeper into that specific question. Ask questions that are imporant to you, and we will answer them.

From your forwarded photo, we will tell you that is told to us, by your spiritual quidance.


You send questions and photo to our mail

Pleace rember to write full name,address and phone number.


When we register your payment you can expect a mail within 2-3 days, where we suggest an appointment for you.

The photo clairvoyance will we send to you mail. You can contact us if you should have questions or problems with the session, thank you.


Price: 500 Danish kroner/66,04€Transfer to following accont:

Danske Bank: Registration number: 2375 Accont number: 6282 54 3018


Yours sincerely

Jean-Claude Kramer












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